Q: How far is the house to the beach?
A: We are only 200 steps to the beach.

Q: How big is the pool?
A: The in-ground pool is 32′ by 5′ deep. You can stand anywhere in the pool so it is very safe. It also has seating benches and underwater light for night use.

Q: How are the beaches and the swimming?
A: The beaches are excellent for both swimming and snorkeling. The surf is very calm by our beaches so it’s perfect even for small children or non-swimmers. Beaches are all free and even have thatched huts for visitors’ use.

Q: What about transportation?
A: You have several options: A rental car at the airport is the best bet but the main bus line is also very convenient and runs every 15 minutes or so along the beach road by our villa. Taxi service on the island is also very good.

Q: Are there grocery stores nearby?
A: Yes, there are a number of very nice grocery stores within a few miles of the house, including SuperFoods and Ling and Sons.

Q: What about currency?
A: Aruban currency is the Florin (about 1.75 Florins to the US dollar). Aruban businesses accept US dollars, as well as most major credit cards. ┬áIt’s as easy shopping or eating out in Aruba as in the US.

Q: What about language?
A: English is their second language. Virtually all businesses in Aruba speak English (as do most Arubans).

Q: What about house safety?
A: Our villa is located in one of the nicest an safest residential areas of Aruba. The property is fully surrounded by a privacy wall. The house is equipped with both an alarm system and a safe for use by our guests.